SMPD Motorized Pantograph Double Scissors Version

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The double scissors version of motorized pantographs combines the advantages of motorized pantographs in regards to individual positioning of lighting devices, with the flexibility of barrel hoists. Loads can be attached onto the 1,2m UTS load barrel by using SYSTEC’s tube trolleys or by using standard C-clamps. The hoist can be fixed to existing ceiling sub-construction or can be attached to motorized trolleys ST, featuring solutions for fully automated studios. The standard lighting circuits are two 3 x 2,5mm² cables with rubber jacket, one dimmer circuit with CEE17 16A socket and one 230V 16A non-dim circuit with Schuko socket. One DMX outlet with XLR-5p socket is included in standard version.

see also: SMP Motorized Pantograph and SCP Cablepantograph

Safe working load (SWL) max. 60kg
Lifting cables ø3mm galvanized steel
Hoist attachment Systec fast lock
Load attachment UTS barrel
Power supply 400V/50Hz – 3 phase
Dimensions A= 800/ 1000/1200 mm      B= 1200 mm         C= 450 mm
Ambient temperature 0-40 ° C
Standards DIN 15560-46, BGV C1
Order Code Minimum Length Maximum Length Weight Studio Height
SMP550-01 1,0 m 5,5   m 60 kg 7,0   m
SMP750-01 1,0 m 7,5   m 70 kg 9,0   m
SMP1000-01 1,2 m 10,2 m 80 kg 11,7 m
SMPD-POS Vertical positioning system for SMPD
SMPD-DMX DMX circuit with XLR-5p socket
SMPD-S16A 230V-16A non-dim circuit with Schuko socket and cable 3 x 2,5mm²
SMPD-C16A 16A dimmer circuit with CEE17 connectors and cable 3 x 2,5mm²
SMPD-C32A 32A dimmer circuit with CEE17 connectors and cable 3 x 4,0mm²
SMPD-ROT Rotation device for 340° pan movement
SMPD-POSR Positioning unit for rotation movement
LTT504 Tube Trolley for UTS tubes or pipes ø38 – 52mm