ST Motorized Trolley for IPN beams

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Motorized trolleys  for automated studios with fast lock hoist attachment for SYSTEC motorized pantographs or telescopes. All connections between trolley and hoist are plug-in type serving an easy installation and service. Two collision detectors (optional) will stop the trolley movement in case an obstacle is touched.
Equipped with 6 rollers for smooth movement on Ibeams IPN 200 or IPN 300. Manual movement in case of emergency operation is also possible.

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Safe working load (SWL) 200 kg standard version, 600 kg chain hoist version
Hoist attachment Systec fast lock
Horizontal speed 7,2 m/ min
Power supply 400V/50Hz – 3 phase
Dimensions A= 1100 mm, B= 800 mm, C=510 mm
Ambient temperature 0-40 ° C
Standards DIN 15560-46, BGV C1
Order Code I-beam Power Collect Weight Studio Height
ST200 IPN 200 2 x 8 45 kg 7,0   m
ST300 IPN 300 2 x 12 47 kg 9,0   m
ST-APOS Horizontal positioning system, space for one power collector required
ST-COL Collision detectors for motorized trolley