The robust Broadcast ARIS Remote Head for Cameras up to 15 kg (33.06 lbs.)

Net weight only 5 kg (11.25 lbs.)

Rugged all-rounder, convenient 2-axes System for HDV-HD Cameras. (3-axes optional.)

Control unit with variable speed regulation, changeover switches for direction (reverse)

Tax cable (15 m length), enough for most uses. (Lengthening optional.)

Type 2- axes 3- axes
Weight   5,6 kg 9,2 kg
Payload 12,0 kg 8,0 kg
360° pan speed  5-6 sec. 6 sec.
360° tilt speed  5-6 sec. 5-6 sec.
360° roll speed   – 6 sec.
Ramp  yes yes
Pan/tilt/roll motors step motor step motor
Power supply 12/24V DC 12/24V DC