TL20 Tunable

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  • Consistent light distribution over wide beam angle
  • Best available color rendering adequate to modern TV cameras
  • High power efficiency by using state of the art LED technology
  • Innovative thermal management
  • Stable aluminum housing with built-in power supply
  • Dimming by DMX and on-board controller
  • Available color temperature Daylight/Tungsten/Tunable white
  • Complete product range from 80W to 340W
  • Accessories compatible with Topas fluroscent luminaires
  • See also, TL10, TL30, TL40


Topas LED luminaires are the recommended lighting solution for TV studios whenever soft lights with best light quality and power efficiency are requested. They have a consistent light distribution over a wide beam angle. Four power versions from 80W to 340W with color temperature of 3000K, 5700K or tunable white (2700-6500K) are available in MO (manual operated yoke), PO (pole operated yoke) or LO (location, with ball head) sets. A special version with twin yoke for cyclorama lighting is available as well. The housings are made of aluminum and their design guarantees best cooling conditions without using fans, a very important premise for constant color temperature. An innovative power management prevents luminaires from overheating. The light output can be controlled by an on-board controller or a DMX-capable lighting control device. The selected DMX channel is shown on a big display. Every luminaire is equipped with PowerCON connectors for mains IN/ OUT and XLR-5p connectors for DMX IN/ OUT. This allows a daisy chain of several luminaires. A large range of accessories, like gel frames, barndoors and egg crates, ensure a flexible integration into any TV studio for various applications. The new Topas LED luminaires can be used with yokes, ball heads or other accessories from Topas fluorescent luminaires.

Power supply 90-260V AC/ 50/60 Hz
Beam angle 115°
CRI >97
TLCI >97
Color temperature Daylight/ Tungsten/ Tunable white

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Power consumption 240 Watt
Mains IN/OUT PowerCon
Mains fuse 10A
Mains cable 3m with Schuko plug
Dimming DMX 512/ on board controller
DMX IN/OUT XLR 5- pole
Dimm. range DMX 0- 100%
Dimm. range on board 0-100%
Beam angle 115°
Weight 6,3 kg-13,8 kg
Mounting 28mm TV spigot
Operating temperature 0 to +40° C
Air humidity max. 80%
Working life of the LED’s ca. 50.000 hours

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Model Color Temp. Luminaire MO PO LO
TL10 3000K TL1032 TL1032MO TL1032PO TL1032LO
5700K TL1056 TL1056MO TL1056PO TL1056LO
Tunable 2700 / 6500K TL10TW TL10TWMO TL10TWPO TL10TWLO
TL20 3000K TL2032 TL2032MO TL2032PO TL2032LO
5700K TL2056 TL2056MO TL2056PO TL2056LO
Tunable 2700 / 6500K TL20TW TL20TWMO TL20TWPO TL20TWLO
TL30 3000K TL3032 TL3032MO TL3032PO TL3032LO
5700K TL3056 TL3056MO TL3056PO TL3056LO
Tunable 2700 / 6500K TL30TW TL30TWMO TL30TWPO TL30TWLO
TL40 3000K TL4032 TL4032MO TL4032PO TL4032LO
5700K TL4056 TL4056MO TL4056PO TL4056LO
Tunable 2700 / 6500K TL40TW TL40TWMO TL40TWPO TL40TWLO
Accessories TL20
Gelframe TFR220
4-leaf barndoor black TDB220
4-leaf barndoor reflective TDR220
Egg crate TET220
Ball head TBH28
Manual operated yoke TMS123
Pole operated yoke TPO123
Standard diffusor TL20SD
Lite diffusor TL20LD

*Specifications are subject to change without notice