SVS Studio Curtain Track System

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Order Code Description
SVS6040/60 Aluminum curtain track, length 6m
SVS6040/30 Aluminum curtain track, length 3m
SVS6040/20 Aluminum curtain track, length 2m

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SVS6040R15 Curve 90°, radius 1,5m
SVS6040R20 Curve 90°, radius 2,0m
SVS6040R30 Curve 90°, radius 3,0m (2 segments)
SVS6040R40 Curve 90°, radius 4,0m (2 segments)
SCON450H Console set 450mm, for fixation of curtain tracks on studio wall
SCON600H Console set 600mm, for fixation of curtain tracks on studio wall
SCON1200H Console set 1200mm, for fixation of curtain tracks on studio wall
SVS20 Track coupler set, for seamless joining of SVS tracks
SVS21 Track coupler set for curve, to connect a straight to a curved section of SVS tracks
SVS22 End stopper, bars SVS curtain track
SVS30H Track holder set, for fixation to ceiling sub construction
SVS31H Track holder set curve, for fixation of curves to ceiling sub construction
CTSVS1 Curtain trolley with 8 wheels, 5 pcs. required per meter
CTSVS2 Locomotive with pole operated brake, for stretching and fixing curtains
LTSVS11 Pole operated trolley for SVS tracks with 28 mm socket

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Order Code Description
SC-MB01 Curtain Molton black
SC-MG01 Curtain Molton gray
SC-NW01 Curtain Nettle white
SC-CSB01 Curtain Television CS bluebox
SC-CSG01 Curtain Television CS greenbox