SMTC Motorized Ceiling

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The Ceiling Versions of motorized Telescopes are often used in automated studios, together with the motorized trolley ST200 or ST300. These hoists are suitable for studios with a ceiling height up to 16,5m. SYSTEC telescopes are equipped with a low torsion stainless steel telescopic tube set. A special design minimizes the clearance within the tube set. A special preformed multicore helix cable is available for improved cable guiding. Studios with Ceiling Telescopes are usually controlled by a computerized Suspension Control System. A wide range of accessories and options are available, that allow individual configuration according customers specification.

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Safe working load (SWL) 60Kg
Lifting cables ø3mm galvanized steel
Load attachment DIN socket 28/16mm
Dimensions A= 1800/2200/2800mm   B= 600mm  C= 220mm  D= 480mm
Power supply 400V/50Hz – 3phase
Ambient temperature 0 – 40°C
Standards DIN 15560-46, BGV C1
Order Code Min. Length Max. Length Weight Average Speed Studio Height
SMTC7060    1,8m   7,8m 50Kg   9,0m/min   9,5m
SMTC7090    2,2m 11,2m 55Kg   9,6m/min 13,0m
SMTC7012   2,8m 14,8m 60Kg 10,6m/min 16,5m
Order Code Description
SMPTC-CBxx Cable basket for SMTC telescope, standard version with dimmer circuit 16A/CEE17
SMPTC-CBxxD Cable basket for SMTC telescope, DMX version dimmer circuit 16A/CEE17, non-dim circuit 230V-16A / Schuko, DMX / XLR-5p
SMPTC-CBxxAV Cable basket for SMTC telescope, audio / video version, non-dim circuit 230V-16A / Schuko, audio / XLR-3p, video / BNC
SMT-POS Vertical positioning system for SMT telescope
ST200 Motorized trolley ST for IPN200
ST300 Motorized trolley ST for IPN300