STC 14 Teleclimber

The Teleclimber STC14 is a self-climbing hoist, optimized concerning payload and self weight. The electrical circuits are designed for the use of modern LED luminaires, controlled by DMX or Ethernet optional. Luminaires are attached onto a 48mm load barrel with 2,5m length by using C-clamps or tube trolleys.

Safe working load (SWL)
Lifting cables ø3mm steel
Load attachment UTS load barrel 48mm
Power supply 400V/50Hz – 3phase
Ambient temperature 0 – 40°C
Standards DIN 15560-46, BGV C1
CE compliant


Order code Min. length Max. length Self-weight SWL Aver. Speed Studio height
STC1460DMX 0,9m 6,0m 65kg 90kg 7,5m/min 7,5m
STC1480DMX 1,0m 8,0m 70kg 85kg 8,4m/min 9,5m
STC1410DMX 1,1m 10,0m 75kg 80kg 9,2m/min 11,5m
STC14-B30 Load barrel 3,0m for STC14, safe working load for this option 30kg/m
STC-POS Vertical positioning system for STC
STC14-S16A 230V-16A non-dim circuit for STC with Schuko socket and cabling 3 x 2,5mm²
STC14-C32A 32A dimmer circuit for STC with CEE17 socket and cabling 3 x 4,0mm²
STC14-ETH Ethernet circuit with RJ45 socket and CAT6 cabling
LTT504 Tube Trolley for UTS tubes or pipes ø38 – 52mm