DL17 – DL17TW

  • Service life ca. 50.000 hours
  • High power efficiency by using latest LED technology
  • Color temp. 3150K, 5600K or Tunable white 2700-6500
  • Robust but lightweight aluminum housing with built-in power supply
  • Display for information about operating status, DMX manual/auto, DMX address, dim factor in % precise dim, temperature, fan mode and dimming curves
  • CRI >97 and TLCI > 97
  • Protection against overheating with low noise fan
  • Consistent light distribution over wide beam angle and 175mm lens
  • Accessories compatible with Director Halogen lights Halogen Director 1000 STUDIO
  • see also: DL8   DL13   DL20  DL30


Director LED luminaires are the recommended lighting solution for TV studios and theaters whenever professional Fresnel lights with best light quality and power efficiency are requested. The new LED lighting technology is incorporated in the very stable and lightweight aluminum housings that proved their excellent quality in the Director Classic Halogen studio luminaires. The easy to operate set-up menu allows a fast adjustment of parameters like DMX or manual dimming control and max. fan speed preset. Different product options and accessories ensure a flexible integration into any TV studio for various productions.

Lens diameter 175mm
Beam angle 12° – 56° / half peak
Nominal power 120W, 170W
CRI > 97
TLCI > 97

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Tilt angle +/- 90°
Power supply 90-260V AC, 50/60Hz
Cooling active with low noise fan
Mains IN / OUT PowerCON with Schuko plug
Dimming DMX512 / on-board controller
DMX IN / OUT XLR 5-pole
Dim. range 0 – 100%
Mounting 28mm TV spigot
Weight MO / PO set 6,0 / 7,7kg
Dimens. A / B / C / D 317 / 522 / 301/ 292cm
Oper. temperature 0 to +45°C
Air humidity max. 80%
Protection class IP 20

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Model DL1732 DL1756   DL17TW
Color temperature 3150K 5600K   3200K 5600K
Distance/ Lux Spot 12° Flood 50° Spot 12° Flood 50°   Spot 12° Flood 50° Spot 12° Flood 50°
3m 5.890 1.250 6.935 1.425   5.550 1.020 6.840 1.270
4m 3.313 703 3.901 802   3.122 574 3.848 714
5m 2.120 450 2.497 513 1.998 367 2.462 457
6m 1.473 313 1.734 356   1.388 255 1.710 318


Order Code Description
DL1732 Director LED Fresnel light D1732, 3150K
DL1732MO Set Director DL1732 with manual operated stirrup incl. barndoor D3
DL1732PO Set Director DL1732 with pole operated stirrup incl. barndoor D3
DL1756 Director LED Fresnel light D1756, 5600K
DL1756MO Set Director DL1756 with manual operated stirrup incl. barndoor D3
DL1756PO Set Director DL1756 with pole operated stirrup incl. barndoor D3
DL17TW Director LED Fresnel light DL17TW, 2800 – 6500K tunable white color temperature
DL17TWMO Set Director DL17TW with manual operated stirrup and barndoor D3
DL17TWPO Set Director DL17TW with pole operated stirrup and barndoor D3
STD300 Barndoor D3
STF300Z Gelframe 9 inch
STO300 Outrigger 3
STS310Z Scrims-Set 9 inch