Enhanced Studio Control System

The ESC system (Enhanced Studio Control) provides you a universal, modular control system for the complete range of fixed mounted or power track mounted hoists, that complies with the relevant safety standards DIN15560-46 and the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC. This control system allows a comfortable operation of suspension equipment and is a powerful tool for controlling large installations. The ESC follows the directive: easy planning, easy installation, and comfortable and safe operation. The ESC can control a high number of even different type of hoists with up to three axes: vertical, horizontal and rotation. Variable speed is available for precise positioning and smooth acceleration. This allows a cost-effective grid construction and extends lifetime of hoists and equipment attached. Depending on configuration, different levels of emergency operation are provided. Control consoles are tailored to the customers’ needs as wall mounted or desktop style. A big touch screen monitor shows the topographic layout of the studio and informs about any changes of the hoist status or positioning real time. Robust remote controls with long standing battery operation allows a flexible setup of studio scenery and lighting equipment, and can be added as needed. Standard control operations, group and memory functions are handled with intuitive touch screen operations from control panel or handheld remote control. Privilege levels can be assigned to different types of users, like scenery or studio lighting personnel. The embedded DMX feature with high update rate, significantly reduces costs for power track mounted systems. An investment into ESC is safe, as there is a dedicated upgrade path for functions and devices.

Order Code Description
SC-MB01 Curtain Molton black
SC-MG01 Curtain Molton gray
SC-NW01 Curtain Nettle white
SC-CSB01 Curtain Television CS bluebox
SC-CSG01 Curtain Television CS greenbox