DV Crane

  • Extremely short time for the assembly (approx. 7 minutes)
  • Wired rigs are separately colored – no danger of mix-up
  • 3 different assembly lengths including respective complete rig sets (small,medium,large, optional extra- large)
  • High flexibility with multipurpose use indoors (short tower tube) and outdoors
  • Upgradable with light ASTRO- Remote Head DV, 2 or 3-axes. Two or three pan/ tilt or roll with a 360-degree vertical and horizontal
  • Cameras up to 6 kg/13.23 lb
  • see also our Giga Crane
  • also available for rental, for more information please click here
Weight 4,90 kg
Payload small  0,95 m 10,0 kg
medium  1,80 m   7,5 kg
large  2,65 m   6,0 kg
optional extra large  4,35 m   6,0 kg
Total length 3,50 m
Optional length 5,20 m
Pan 360 °
Counterweights barbell discs, sand or water bags
Tripod fitting optional 75 to 100 ball adapter up to 150
Packed dimensions 0,98 m x 0,20 m x 0,20 m