Astro MED


ASTRO MED is a remotely controlled camera system for training and documentation purposes in medical clinics, universities but also industry.

ASTRO MED system is produced upon request. The installation on the ceiling and the fact that is operated by remote control, ensures for the surgeon and his team the necessary freedom of movement. Sterilization and hygiene issues are overcome due to systems’ distance from the operating table. Recording is performed from any angle as the system is positioned directly above the surgical table.

The system is permanently installed and ensures continuous use thanks to its high technical characteristics. A second version of the system allows free movement everywhere. With the use of cold light, LED technology, the surgery site is perfectly illuminated, with no greater risk of bleeding (could be caused by the use of warm light).

The precision engineering and electronics with freely adjustable speed control enable low noise operation of the camera system and quick response across the course of the surgery.

On the remote console, which is located outside the area of operation, the two joysticks arranged ensure that each move can be made quickly and with absolute precision by only one operator.

Low maintenance costs. Accreditation, ISO 9001:2008